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Welcome to our joint website.

We want to promote the social dialogue between Ukrainian, Polish and German construction and agricultural trade unions.



German Polish Ukrainian cooperation

German Polish Ukrainian cooperation

On August 1, 2022, the Polish Migrant Workers Association in cooperation with the German trade union of construction and agricultural workers IG BAU, the...

What is „German Polish Ukrainian Societies for Cooperation”?

Good work – there as here

Today, in our view, it is more important than ever to combine the demand for basic political rights such as democracy and peace with the demand/ enforcement of basic labor rights.

The trade union values of equal rights in the workplace, having a say in the company, self-determination and solidarity among employees are important building blocks of any democratic system. With this project we want to promote a trade union perspective on democratic values. After all, without strong trade unions there is no democracy!

People who had to leave their homes because of the war need our active support to integrate into the new society, especially into the world of work. Only those who know their own rights can demand them. In order to achieve this, we want to develop cross-border cooperation.

What we do

We start the trialogue about our values with discussions among the trade unionists of the three countries. We create information material in the form of Newsletters, social media posts, podcasts, etc. to promote discussion of values from a trade union perspective.

In international workshops we exchange best practices of our work and think about how we can support the migrant workers. We build networks among the refugees and migrant workers to empower them and help them to help themselves support them so that they can actively participate in democratic life.

Ukrainian Construction Union President Vasyl Andreyev with IG BAU President Robert Feiger




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Oleg Bos
Stellvertretender Gewerkschaftsvorsitzender, Experte für Beschäftigung und Arbeitsmigration bei der Baugewerkschaft der Ukraine